Vision ProblemsHere at Dynamic Eye Care, we are here to help with your vision problems.

Vision problems includes multiple diseases that can affect your vision. These can include (but are not limited to) near and farsightedness, astigmatism, and multiple forms of blindness. We also help patients who have cataracts and glaucoma, among other diseases.

Our optometrists are very skilled at, not only helping patients get the right prescription in their glasses or contacts, but also diagnosing and treating many different eye diseases.

If you are having trouble with your vision, including trouble seeing, flashes of light in your vision, are sensitive to light, think you may have something stuck in your eye or any other changes to your eyes, you need to be seen quickly. The sooner that we can diagnose your vision problems, the quicker you will feel better!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (702) 685-4320 if you are having trouble with your vision.