Disposable-Wear LensesHere at Dynamic Eye Care, we are proud to offer disposable-wear contact lenses.

Disposable-wear lenses refer to contacts that are worn for a period of time and then thrown away. When contacts were first designed, they were worn for a year before they were replaced. As our technology became a little better, disposable wear lenses were designed.

The type of contacts you buy and how often you wear them will tell your ophthalmologist when they need to be replaced. Some people change their contacts daily while others change them every one to two weeks, if not longer.

There are health benefits for wearing disposable-wear lenses. The more often you replace your lenses, the healthier and more comfortable they will be. There are substances in your tears (like protein, calcium, and more) that build up on your lenses, making them quite uncomfortable. Wearing them constantly will make your eyes more prone to infection.

If you have any questions about disposable-wear contact lenses, feel free to contact us today at (702) 685-4320.